Concrete Restoration


Our Commitment To You, Our Flooring Customers

We created this website to make life easier for YOU, the property owners, managers, and building engineers we serve.  You can get quick, free estimates, view photos of recent projects, and learn about the various concrete services. That is how we prefer to conduct business.

In the spirit of making your life easier at Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC, we pledge to:

  • First and foremost, ensure safety.
  • Provide High-Quality Work
  • Provide competent crew leaders.
  • Respect All Contract Requirements
  • Utilize Qualified Inspectors to Conduct Quality Concrete Inspections

Quality Is A Priority With Us

We strive for continuous quality improvement and defect prevention by adhering to construction codes and regulations, safety requirements, and good artistry.

Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC is one of the leading industrial and commercial concrete contractors in Aurora, CO and surrounding Denver metro area. We offer repair, restoration, and maintenance services, substantial structural rehabilitation, and waterproofing.

We Provide The Following Concrete Restoration Services

Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC can assist you whether you are dealing with extensive concrete damage interfering with your daily operations or want to give your facility a more professional appearance. 

Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC’s concrete restoration services include commercial or industrial property repair, restoration, or resurfacing of your concrete floors. We can help with epoxy coating, concrete polishing, pressure washing, concrete staining, clean and seals, just to name a few. 

Contact us now for a complete and comprehensive list of all we can help with or check out all of our other service pages and then call us for free estimate for our hassle-free concrete restoration services.

Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC is the premier concrete restoration contractor in Aurora, CO. 

Our company, Majestic Finish Concrete Coating LLC, specializes in commercial and multi-use concrete restoration, repair, rehabilitation, protection, waterproofing, coatings, and decorative enhancements. 

For over a decade, we have been providing specialty contracting for concrete restoration services.

Our employees are the most skilled professionals, the finest materials, and cutting-edge techniques. 

We are proud of our ability to identify high-value solutions to our client’s needs, and look forward to doing the same for your business. Let us help you today by starting the process and calling us today at 408-952-9764.


Concrete Restoration In Aurora, CO

All types of flooring can be in need of restoration, and we can handle it all. If you have cracks or other damage to your concrete surfaces, there are a host of services we can provide to you to help fix. 

And once the surface is fixed, we can grind it, seal it, epoxy it, or polish it to protect it and keep it nice and long lasting for years to come. Our team of professionals are concrete restoration experts. Sometimes you need to replace concrete, but then also a lot of times there are things we can do to help you restore it which is typically a lower cost for you the home or building owner. Contact us today for more info.