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Discover the exceptional power of commercial resinous floor coatings! Our industrial floor coatings at Majestic Finish Concrete Coatings are engineered to withstand a myriad of challenges, from chemical exposure to high-traffic demands. These systems are resistant to cleaning detergents, gas, oil, and industrial chemicals, ensuring unparalleled protection for your concrete floors. Beyond chemical resilience, our industrial floor coatings are tailored for environments with standing water, freezing temperatures, and high heat. Making them perfect for settings like auto shops, kitchens, factories, labs, processing centers, medical facilities, and retail stores.

At Majestic Finish Concrete Coatings, we go beyond being specialists in a specific craft. Our team of expert industrial floor coating professionals are dedicated to finding solutions on how to transform your concrete surface by enhancing the aesthetics and creating a protective barrier that ensures longevity. Whether it’s for commercial, residential, or industrial spaces, our experience, coupled with a commitment to excellence, places us among the top resinous flooring contractors in Aurora and throughout Colorado.

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Urethane Polymer Cement: A Game-Changer for various industries!

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Kitchen/ Prep Areas
  • Production Plants
  • R&D Labs
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Pool Areas
  • Pharmaceuticals Production
  • Fire Houses
Urethane Cement is a cutting-edge industrial flooring solution, utilizing polymer urethane resin technology. This innovative system binds engineered cement powder aggregate, creating a high-performance, durable flooring system that stands up to the toughest challenges. Urethane Polymer Cement has exceptional resistance to abrasive machinery, harsh chemicals, thermal-shock processes, and more. Whether in food manufacturing, laboratories, warehouses, or pool areas, Urethane Polymer Cement is the flooring solution that combines performance and sustainability. Reach out to explore the benefits of Urethane Polymer Cement. 📞 Contact Us Today!

Impact and Chemical Resistant:
Urethane flooring properties allow it to be very durable to impacts from heavy machinery and harsh chemicals – making it well-suited for the rugged requirements of airplane hangers, machine shops, and manufacturing facilities.

High Aesthetic Appeal:
Urethane concrete flooring is great for hotels, stadiums, and assisted living facilities where high traffic areas need to be visually pleasing to customers. Durability meets customization with an almost limitless choice of colors. Urethane concrete comes in hundreds of colors and pigments can be added to create custom blends to match your environment’s decor or company branding. We recommend a UV-protected top coat to protect against fading or discoloration for any outdoor spaces or indoor areas with a prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Environmentally Safe
Urethane concrete flooring is environmentally-friendly and clean with no VOCs, so air quality is not compromised. It is safe enough to be used in residential settings. The flooring is also antimicrobial to protect against bacterial and fungal growth. You’ll never have to worry about toxic fumes after installation – ensuring the utmost safety for your customers and staff when operations resume.

Industrial and commercial concrete coatings are a big selling point for facility managers, business owners, and homeowners who want a low-cost and durable flooring solution that lasts. Depending on the application, these floor coatings can last anywhere from 5 to 20+ years. Industrial floor coatings tend to have the shortest lifespan because they are exposed to frequent vehicle traffic, chemicals, and heavy loads, while a protective system in a residential basement can easily last decades.

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